Project executing


Circle LLC was founded in 1996 as foreign trading company. Currently, it has 3 sub-companies which operate in 3 different business fields.  At first, Circle LLC started importing foodstuff only from Russian companies whereas nowadays, it has become the biggest tax payer in Mongolia which has 3 sub-companies with over 600 employees and importing wide range of goods from 86 companies from 25 countries of the world.

Golden Sweet LLC was founded in 2005 as foreign trading company. With cooperation with Circle LLC, it impots wide range of goods from 86 companies from 25 countries of the world. Golden Sweet LLC mainly imports goods from Ukraine, Denmark, Russia and other European companies.

Monnider LLC Started operating in wholesaling sector in 2004. It has 8 supermarkets under the name f "ORGIL"in Ulaanbaatar city. Also, it has own trading representatives in all regions of Mongolia.

Cmader LLC was founded in 2007 as Construction Company. It was first founded in oredr build its own supermarkets and warehouses. Currently, Camder LLC cooperates with over 40 construction material companies from 8 countries of the world.

Encanto town project is carried out upon request of Camder LLC:  

  • Construction contractor:  Zun Shin LLC  
  • Construction scheme developer:  Doshin LLC      


Following projects have been executed upon request of Camder LLC. Camder LLC cooperates mainly with Zun Shin LLC as contractor.    

  • In 2005, trade and service center with area of 1,500m2 was built in Chingeltei district      
  • In 2006-2012, 12,000-15,000m2 modern warehouse was built in area of 3 hectares of Bayangol district.      
  • In 2009, 2- storey ORGIL – Palace center with are of 4,000m2 was built in Khan – Uul district.      
  • In 2010, ORGIL trade and service center with area of 7,200m2 was built in Amgalan district.      
  • In 2012, Encanto town project has started and currently it is undergoing.  
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