Hotel and office

Office & Officetel building is planned to be built in between 2015-2018 in 1.175 hectare area

Total area: 93,948.81 m2  

Useful area: 73,085.11 m2  

  1. OFFICETEL /HOTEL/: /5-25 floors/  Settlement of internationally known brand and business hotel by franchising in Mongolia is planned.  We are planning to offer twin rooms with approximately 35m2 areas to our customers.   - Total area: 24,306.00m2  - Useful area: 18,703.02m2/useful area of 75.3%/  
  2. OFFICE: /5-30 floors/  Office rental is offered throughout floors from 5 to 30th floor and our office should meet all the requirements of the renters.  - Total area: 34,539.70m2  - Useful area: 26,000.00m2/useful area of 77%/  
  3. PARKING: /B1 floor/  B1 floor is capable of holding 253 cars at once and 250 cars can be parked outside of the building. Total capacity of the parking is 503 cars.  - Total area:  7,971.86m2  - Useful area:  3,000.93m2 /Useful area of 37.6%/  4. MULTIPLEX STORE: /1-4 floors/  
  4. storey trade and service center will be offering brand clothing shops, hair salon, beauty salon, restaurant, lounge and coffee shop.    - Total area: 27,131.22m2  - Useful area: 20,914.68 m2/Useful area of 77.1%/  
Developed by SodonVision