About Encanto town

Completed Encanto town residential apartments

Completed in 2013, Encanto town residential apartment with 213 living 2 apartments, trade and service area of 10.000m and first 7-storey parking garage were valued and appraised by state inspectors and its residents.  

  • ORGIL supermarket is in B1 floor with area of 2000m
  • On floors 1-2 brand goods and all types of services centralized.
  • Office space is located on 3-4 floors

1. We are offering following ready to move in apartments:

  • 67,28 m2   - 2 rooms
  • 115,12 m2 - 3 rooms
  • 140,0 m2 - 4 rooms
  • 302.75 m2 - 8 rooms

2. We are receiving orders for apartment 306 to be completed by October 2014.  

    3- room apartments:

  • 87,85 m2
  • 96,94 m2
  • 106,64 m2
  • 115,2 m2

   4- room apartments:

  • 142,06 m2
  • 149,53 m2

   5- room apartments:

  • 177,39 m2

In door facilities of apartment:

  • German HORMANN brand garage and entrance doors
  • German Inoutic brand 3 layered vacuum window
  • Russian plumbing pipes
  • German steel doors with pure wooden skin
  • Electrical wire of Russian Kamkabel
  • Russian Iek brand electric facilities
  • German Osmo brand plumbing connectors
  • German Siemens brand switches and plugs
  • Turkish Pansa brand radiators
  • Korean alarm system
  • Swiss SSWW sanitary ware
  • LG brand elevator with capacity of 9-12 persons


Encanto town car parking has capacity of 350 cars and it is 7-storey (14-storey by car parking) parking garage that meets all the requirements of International parking standards. This parking garage is the first built in Mongolia and 45 cars can be parked on each floor and garage road is 8-9m wide. 350 cars can be parked in here without any movement limitations. This parking garage has fire safety, smoke remover, heat sensor and water sprinkling system. It can be used all year around for parking and connected to central heating system also if central heating is stopped it can supply the natural air through its heating system and cooting system. 

Encanto town-2 Apartments to be completed in 2014-2015

Project name - Encanto town-2

Project period - 2014 - 2015 (site construction has started)

Location- 26th  khoroo, Bayanzurkh district, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Structure of the building- Full concrete

Number of floors- 13 to 15-storey building

Car parking- 1st and B1 floor 350 parking places

Number of residential units- 315

Types of units- 105.01 ì2 - 168.81 ì2 ; 3-8 rooms

Developed by SodonVision